Amy in The Best and the Brightest

Last summer I posted about Amy being cast in a great supporting role  in a new indie comedy called The Best and the Brightest.  Director Josh Shelov was kind enough to send me the first official set pic of Amy in character as Sue Lemon (above). I’ll be posting updates on the movie here, of course, but you can also also check out The Best and the Brightest on Facebook and Twitter.

(Original post from last June 2009 to refresh your memory:

Amy Sedaris has been cast in The Best and the Brightest , an independent comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris, which is currently in production:

Moving from Delaware to New York City, a young couple seeks to get their tyke into a prestigeous private kindergarden.  With only one placement available at the top school in the city, the couple, along with the help of a conniving “educational consultant,” design an elaborate scheme and take on new personas in order to convince both the high-profile school donors, which include a Senator and her celebrity husband, and the school’s headmaster to admit their child. [source ]

Also starring are Bonnie Somerville, John Hodgman, Peter Serafinowicz, Bridget Regan, Kate Mulgrew and Christopher McDonald. You can read more about it at The Hollywood Reporter .

Ed note : I’ve read the script for this, and it seems like it could be a pretty fun movie. Amy has a sizable supporting role as the educational consultant, and I’d actually say that she’s one of the main characters.)