Amy Guest Stars on ‘The Closer’

amy sedaris on the closer

Amy will guest star on the February 16th and 23rd episodes of The Closer as Fritz’s psychic sister, Claire Howard.

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Closer creator James Duff tells me that Sedaris’ Claire Howard whiles away her days as "a psychic who’s wandered the occupational landscape, taking on, at various times, the job of yoga instructor, glass blower, Cirque de Soleil student…." Since federal agent Fritz is a bit embarrassed by Claire’s "overt spirituality," Brenda winds up spending quality time with her soon-to-be sister-in-law — to the point that Claire brings her mad skillz to one of the MCD’s cases. In doing so, Ms. Howard will form a "special bond" with one of the detectives, I am told.

Edit : You can watch Amy’s episodes (Fate Line and Double Blind ) on TNT’s website (for a limited time).