Letters needed for Amy’s next Believer column

From the editors of The Believer magazine:

“Hello, friends of SEDARATIVES:

Another hearty thanks for helping us spread the word about Amy’s column. The letters keep on rolling in, and we know that you’ve played a major part in the column’s success.

Would you mind passing along another annoucement for us? We have plenty of letters for her Crafting column for September, so no further questions are needed. We’re now looking for letters concerning Family (for the October issue) and Personal Hygiene (for the November issue). As usual, letters can be sent by email to sedaratives@believermag.com, or by snail mail to SEDARATIVES, 826 Valencia, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Amy would like to express her gratitude with a big ol’ sloppy kiss. We would do the same, but we know that’d just be weird. If it’s okay with you, we’ll just stick with a polite ‘thank you.'”