He’s a starf*er, but he’s OUR starf*er

The inimitable Tony Lagarto, webmaster of the Strangers with Candy site, got some news out of
Amy, Paul and Stephen the other night after their NYC “Wigfield” performance. Among the
news: – Paul said that the contracts for “Strangers With Candy: The Movie” were indeed signed
last month. But they still have to write it. He’s hoping that it’ll be ready for filming in six months
or so. – Amy is going to shoot another episode of “Monk” on Monday. – Amy will do another
episode of “Sex & the City” soon. – Stephen and Paul have done a piece for the latest SPIN
magazine written in the style of the Wigfield character, Russell Hokes. – Amy is in the latest
PAPER magazine and will soon be in BUST. – Amy should finally be on Letterman on June 4th,
she thinks. Thanks for the info, Tony!