At Home with Amy Sedaris season 2 is here!

The second season of At Home with Amy Sedaris is just a few short days away! Season 2 premieres this Tuesday, February 19, at 10 pm on truTV!  The theme of Tuesday’s premiere will be Teenagers (Amy grapples with irrational fear, utter confusion and emotional fragility, then she meets a teenager). Check out a preview here:

And to kick things off, Amy will return to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tomorrow night (Monday, February 18) at 11:35 pm on CBS!

At Home with Amy Sedaris season 2

Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated At Home with Amy Sedaris is finally almost here and it’s going to be incredible!  The second season premiere Tuesday, February 19, at 10 pm on truTV, and it’s going to be too fun!

Entertainment Weekly posted a fantastic preview feature.  The incredible roster of guest stars goes on forever, and includes Matthew Broderick, Billy Crudup, Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, Michael Shannon, Justin Theroux, and tons and tons more (it would probably be quicker to list who’s NOT guest starring in season 2!). Episode themes will include game night, teenagers, creativity, Thanksgiving, Halloween and makeovers.

In addition to playing Patty Hogg, the Regional Wine Lady and Nutmeg, as well as herself, Amy will be introducing a new character this season, Cindy Snipes, a Southern woman who’s busy wrangling her children.

Check out the trailer for season 2. Good times!

Amy joins cast of ‘Lion King’ reboot

Variety reported that Amy will be joining the voice cast of the new Lion King reboot this summer! She’ll be voicing a new character, an elephant shrew.

Also, check out this sneak preview from At Home with Amy Sedaris season 2! Still no announcement yet on an air date, but a little sleuthing on the production company’s website reveals a possible Spring 2019 premiere. Fingers crossed that we don’t have to wait too much longer!

‘At Home with Amy Sedaris’ nominated for an Emmy

Best of luck and fingers crossed for Monday night! At Home with Amy Sedaris is nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series! Check out this interview with Amy in the New York Times: Amy Sedaris Is Excited for the Emmys. She Just Has to Find a Rabbit Sitter.

Season 2 filming is currently underway. No word yet on an air date, but my guess would be this coming winter. Stay tuned!